Would you like to earn Amazon Gift Cards for Survey Taking? We have compiled a list of survey companies who will reward you with Amazon gift cards in exchange for participating in their online surveys.

Membership is free as always and we have verified the legitimacy of the survey panels on our list. We have a list for the US, the UK as well as Canada.

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2009 is almost over, and we hope you've had a prosperous year taking online surveys.

In 2010, we expect to be adding even more survey panels including some International survey panels! You've asked for them, and now we're answering.

All the best to you and yours in 2010 and happy survey taking!

Daily Surveys


Like taking surveys every day? Here is a list of survey panels who offer daily surveys.

Most online survey companies only offer surveys when there is a study available...which can be every 3 days, every week, or even every couple of weeks! But if you don't like waiting and like taking surveys right away, check out our daily surveys list.
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 Some survey panels offer reward points in exchange for taking surveys. These points are often redeemable for cash and are used to make administration on the survey panel's end, easier. Basically, if a survey panel has members from around the world, and with foreign exchange rates changing all the time, it can be tricky to come up with a system where these fluctuations are kept track of. Instead, the survey panel simply comes up with their own "currency" and awards their members with their own points.

The following survey companies offer reward points for surveys:

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Many survey sites offer the opportunity to win prizes when you participate in an online survey or when you first register with a survey panel. The prizes can be anything from a gift certificate to an online store, to a large cash prize, or even vacations or cars.

The following survey sites offer a chance to win prizes with their survey panel either when you take a survey, or when you first register:

Find out which survey sites offer prizes by clicking on this link: Online Survey Sites and Prizes
 Many online surveys will reward you with cash for taking their survey and will send you your money via a PayPal payment. Other survey panels will send you a payment check in the mail, but this can often take weeks to receive.

The following paid survey companies offer PayPal as a way of receiving your rewards:

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