Earn gift cards to your favorite retailers including Wal-mart, Target, Home Depot, Amazon and more by participating in short and easy online surveys.

Join the Tellwut community of survey takers and create polls, answer polls, refer friends and complete profilers, in exchange for points. Redeem your points for gift cards shipped directly to your home!

Open to residents of USA and Canada 18+

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MySurvey Ireland


MySurvey Ireland pays cash via PayPal and rewards its members with High Street vouchers in exchange for taking online surveys. Quarterly cash draws are also held exclusively for members.

If you or someone you know is from Ireland and has something to say, make sure you join MySurvey Ireland!

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Canada Talk Now


Canada Talk Now is back! If you're Canadian, are 18+ and have plenty of opinions, you qualify to join their survey panel headquartered out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Earn points for each survey you complete and redeem your points for PayPal cash payments, Air Miles Reward Miles or Amazon.ca gift cards - the choice is yours.

Also have the opportunity to win points each week and $500 worth of points every quarter, just for being an active member!

Join this uniquely Canadian survey panel today. You can also read more about Canada Talk Now on Surveybounty.

Toluna Sweden


Toluna Sweden is looking for new members to join their unique online surveys community. Earn points for taking online surveys, creating and participating in polls, writing reviews and referring friends. Redeem your points for cash payments made via PayPal or for entries into excellent sweepstakes.

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Opinion World


Opinion World is seeking online survey takers in the USA to join their online survey panel.

Opinion World offers points for specialist surveys which can then be redeemed for great gift vouchers through their web shop. Retailers include Macy's, Barnes and Noble, and more. Quarterly cash draws of $12,000 are also held. Gain entries into the draw by becoming a new member or taking online surveys.

Opinion World also gives its members the opportunity to support local charities by taking surveys, although this is optional.

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My Survey Singapore has online surveys available for people living in Singapore to take. For each survey completed, members receive valuable points. Points may be redeemed for prizes, gift vouchers, and more.

Each new member of My Survey Singapore receives 50 free points just for joining the panel. Additional points may be earned by not only taking online surveys but also by referring friends and creating interesting polls.

Residents of Singapore who are 15 years of age or older may become a free member of My Survey Singapore.

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Have you heard that MySurvey is looking for Americans to take online surveys for cash?

Earn points for each survey you take and redeem your points for cash!!! Get entries into prize draws and earn extra points for becoming a member and referring friends.

My survey panelists have helped shaped the future of products and service you likely see around you every day.

Be a part of this exciting online survey panel!

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Tickbox Surveys is a new online survey panel that has over 60,000 members and is the most active survey panel in the UK. Members of Tickbox get a chance to win amazing prize for each survey they choose to complete including HDTV's, laptops, and gift vouchers worth hundreds of pounds!

As a bonus, Tickbox members can also get up to 25% cashback on purchases they make from over 1600 retailers through the TickboxCashback program. New members also receive a free £5 welcome bonus!

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Toluna Singapore is looking for new members to join its interactive survey community!

4,000,000 across the world take part in activites with Toluna including online survey taking, creating and taking polls, writing reviews, referring friends, and more! For each activity you take part in, you will earn Toluna points. Redeem your points for cash PayPal payments or an entry into a sweepstakes draw.

Toluna awards its new members with free points just for registering. Become part of this online surveys community today!

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Online surveys for people living in India are usually hard to come by, but Toluna India is a market research company who are looking for Indian members to take surveys, participate in polls, give reviews and more!

Toluna India offers its members the opportunity to earn Toluna points for specific actions they take. New members automatically receive a bonus of 500 points and they earn more points by taking online surveys, creating and taking polls, writing reviews and referring friends. Members may then use their points and redeem them for excellent sweepstakes opportunities.

Millions of people worldwide are already members of Toluna and now people in India have the opportunity to join this great community.

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