2009 is almost over, and we hope you've had a prosperous year taking online surveys.

In 2010, we expect to be adding even more survey panels including some International survey panels! You've asked for them, and now we're answering.

All the best to you and yours in 2010 and happy survey taking!
Springboard UK is a brand new survey panel listed on our website that pays cash!

Take cash for surveys and also have opportunities to win prizes in frequent prize draws. Redeem your cash in the form of a cheque sent by post or have the option of donating your cash to a UK charity of your choice.

Springboard UK is currently offering a draw of £1000 for new members. Join for free, today!

Or, read more about Springboard UK.

Daily Surveys


Like taking surveys every day? Here is a list of survey panels who offer daily surveys.

Most online survey companies only offer surveys when there is a study available...which can be every 3 days, every week, or even every couple of weeks! But if you don't like waiting and like taking surveys right away, check out our daily surveys list.
Brand Institute, a leader in the world of medical online surveys as well as consumer surveys, is seeking to expand their survey panel. Brand Institute is particularly seeking panelists from the following countries:

Puerto Rico
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Dominican Republic
Trinidad and Tobago

Brand Institute pays CASH for its online surveys. Join this international survey panel now, or learn more about Brand Institute here.